What Determines the Price of Granite?

What Determines the Price of Granite?

What determines the price of granite? It’s a question we are asked from time to time, and there isn’t just one answer. The going price of granite for countertops can depend on a variety of things. We’ve listed some of those factors below, and you should keep them in mind when seeking out a granite countertop for your kitchen or bathroom

Factors That Determine The Price of Granite:

Quality. Granite that is well-made and doesn’t have cracks or blemishes can be more costly than granite that isn’t manufactured well or properly.

Rarity. There are rarer types of granite, such as exotic granite or granite with unique patterns and colors. These types of granite tend to command a higher price.

Availability. Demand for certain types of granite can sometimes rise due to supply and demand conditions, and if demand is high for a type of granite it can raise the price. Similarly, if there is a surplus of a type of granite, this can cause a decrease in price.

Size and Thickness. Larger, thicker slabs of granite tend to be more expensive than thinner and smaller pieces.

Location. If a type of granite comes from a more remote part of the world, transportation and handling costs can drive up the price.

Processing and Finishing. As with its manufacturing, if a type of granite has been polished or cut to a specific shape, this can also result in an increase in price.

So to answer what determines the price of granite, the answer is a number of things, but most importantly quality, availability, and customization.

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