Recent Trends in Stone Countertops

Recent Trends in Stone Countertops

As their popularity continues to grow, we’ve noticed multiple recent trends in stone countertops in recent years. There have been some interesting things happening in the market, including in our own experience.

Here are some of the recent trends in stone countertops that we’ve been seeing:

Increase in natural stone countertops – granite and marble countertops have always been popular and continue to be, for both their durability and their unique patterns. They can withstand a great deal of impact and high temperatures, and last for a long time.

Engineered stone countertops – countertops that are manufactured from materials like quartz are becoming more popular. They are also very durable, require little maintenance, and are available in a wide range of patterns and colors.

Hybrid Mix of Materials – increasingly, homeowners are looking for a combination of natural and engineered stone countertops. They might ask for natural stone for the perimeter counters, while requesting engineered stone for the island itself.

In addition, we’re seeing trends as far as design, including:

Bold colors – homeowners are seeking to add black or navy countertops to their homes.

Textured finishes – finished countertops, including brushed, honed, and leathered countertops, are growing in popularity because of their unique look and feel.

Sustainable materials – more homeowners today are interested in protecting the environment with sustainable materials, including recycled glass or paper composite.

While it’s hardly a new phenomenon, we’ve noticed that the recent trends in stone countertops are towards durability, low maintenance, and multiple colors and styles.

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