Advantages of Granite Counters

Advantages of Granite Counters

If you are in the market for a new countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, have you considered the advantages of granite counters? You might be wondering about durability, appearance and value, and how counters made from granite stand up against counters from other materials.

We’ve listed some of the advantages of granite counters for you below and what makes granite a popular choice for homeowners. Hopefully this will help you going forward when deciding whether to use granite for your new countertop.

1) Durability. Granite countertops are made with a natural and hard stone that can take plenty of abuse, including impact and heat. If your counter gets a lot of use and activity, granite will help to protect it from wear and tear over time.

2) Heat Resistance. A granite countertop is able to take on high temperatures, making it possible for you to rest hot pans or utensils without concern. This is especially useful in the kitchen for cooking and preparation.

3) Aesthetics. With granite, you have the option of multiple colors and styles, including the type of edge you’re looking for. They can be made to go along with your home décor in your kitchen and bathroom, and add a whole new and more inviting look.

4) Low Maintenance. Granite countertops are easy to clean with simple soap and water, and are resistant to stains. You can also clean your countertop with cleaning materials that are specifically made for granite.

5) Long Lasting. This goes with durability, but granite countertops resist chips, scratches and other damage. If you properly maintain your granite counter, it should continue to look great and last for many years.

6) Resale Value. A granite countertop helps to add resale value to your home, since it is considered a high end feature.

Overall, while it can cost more than other materials, the advantages of granite counters make them well worth the investment. You should consult your nearby professional to ensure that your granite countertop is installed properly.

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