South Jersey Granite Countertops

Are you a South Jersey home or business owner looking for the perfect countertop for your kitchen, bathroom or retail space? Consider a granite countertop from Freedom Stone Fabricators! We offer a wide variety of granite countertops available for you to choose from, including prefabricated and custom fabricated selections.

A granite countertop from Freedom Stone Fabricators is made from the perfect material for your kitchen, as it can withstand regular abuse. Granite is among the most durable, strongest stones available, and it can withstand very high temperatures without damage…knives and hot pans are no match for it! With granite, you can relax and enjoy cooking, free from the fear that you’ll ruin your countertops when you unthinkingly place a hot pan on it.

We offer many styles of granite countertops for purchase. Some of the top granite colors we have available include:

  • Dark Granite
  • Black Granite
  • White Granite
  • Beige or Neutral Granite
  • Blue Granite
  • Grey Granite
  • Green Granite

Granite is composed of many types of crystals, creating a unique coloring for each slab of material. The crystal mica in each slab has a metallic sheen to it, while the hornblende, biotite, and feldspar give the granite its colorful appearance. The majority of granite countertops are made up of large chunks of quartz, and are responsible for granite’s high resistance to impact, heat, and daily wear. We can also apply a high-gloss finish to enhance the natural beauty of the quartz stone.

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in South Jersey or beyond, contact Freedom Stone Fabricators today and ask about our high-quality granite countertops. Our granite countertops come in many styles and edge types and can be designed according to your vision or exact needs.

Call Freedom Stone Fabricators today at 609-871-8888 to find out more about our granite countertops and their aesthetic and functional benefits!