Medford Granite Countertops

Want to add a new dimension of beauty and strength to your kitchen or bathroom? Reach out to Freedom Stone today…we’re your established solution for Medford granite countertops! Our showroom is a short distance from you in Cherry Hill, and we fabricate and install beautiful countertops for home and business owners throughout South Jersey. We offer both pre-fabricated and custom fabricated countertops made in our own facility.

Why choose granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertops? Because granite offers both natural beauty and effective durability. Granite’s composition of multiple types of crystals gives each slab a unique look, and the crystal mica adds an eye-catching metallic sheen. Granite’s colorful appearance comes from a combination of hornblende, biotite and feldspar. It’s tough, too…granite can withstand plenty of high temperatures and heavy impacts.

So your new Freedom Stone granite countertop will not only look beautiful and add new life to your kitchen or bathroom, it can take abuse too! It’s great for cooking and other functions, and allows you to do what you need to without worrying about dropping items or placing hot pans on your counter by mistake.

Choose from our wide variety of colors, including black, blue, green and others, and from a full variety of edges and styles. If you like, we’ll add a protective high gloss finish that will bring out your countertop’s natural beauty, and make your counter shine. We can also customize a countertop to your desires…if you can describe it, we can do it!

At Freedom Stone, we’re proud to be a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the needs of property owners throughout all of South Jersey…including in the Philadelphia area and at the Jersey Shore. Feel free to view samples of our finished work here, and see how we can improve your Medford home.

Get Started With Your Medford Granite Countertop Today!

Let Freedom Stone be your choice for customized and beautiful Medford granite countertops. Click here to request a free estimate, or call us at 609-871-8888 during our business hours. We’re looking forward to installing a countertop in your home or place of business that you’ll love!

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