Bellmawr Granite Countertops

If you’re looking to add new life to your kitchen or bathroom, let Freedom Stone be the answer to your search for Bellmawr granite countertops! Our showroom is based just minutes away from you in Cherry Hill, and we build and install beautiful and durable countertops for homeowners throughout Camden County. Our granite countertops come in a wide variety of styles, both pre-fabricated and custom fabricated in our own facility.

Granite is the ideal material for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. It is composed of multiple types of crystals, giving every slab of material a unique color scheme and look. The crystal mica gives the slab its metallic sheen, while a combination of hornblende, biotite and feldspar create the colorful appearance. But in addition to its natural beauty, the chunks of quartz in the countertop construction give it a strong resistance to impact, heat and day-to-day wear.

With our granite countertops in your Bellmawr home’s kitchen or bathroom, you’ll not only have a visually appealing space, you’ll be able to enjoy cooking and other functions without concern. No need to worry about your knives or hot pans!

At Freedom Stone, we offer a full variety of colors, styles and edge types for your countertops – choose from dark or black granite, beige or neutral granite, blue, green and other colors. If you like, we can add a high-gloss finish to your countertop to enhance its natural beauty.

Freedom Stone is a family-owned business that has been serving property owners from the Main Line to the Jersey Shore for over 20 years…we use only top of the line materials and fabrication methods. We can customize your countertop to your desires in most every case…if you can imagine it, we can do it! Have a look at some of our installed countertop products here, and see what we can do for your Bellmawr home.

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Get started today adding a beautiful and durable new countertop…let Freedom Stone be your destination for Bellmawr granite countertops! Reach out to us today or click here to request a free estimate. We’re looking forward to changing your kitchen or bathroom for the better!

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